What To Expect When You Commission Me To Render Fine Art…

I must admit, I am drunkenly spellbound by romance, novelties, and abstracting the mundane from everyday life, or rather, steeping routine in glamor and plucking idiosyncrasies out of the ordinary. 

Now, the thing is you and I find ourselves in quite the fortunate situation seeing that I am infatuated with a climate of eccentricity and seeing that you believe you have a magical moment at hand that ought to be captured. 

If that is your quest, then we are, in due respect, a match made in heaven

Envisaging The Experience

Let us walk through the whole grand expedition step by step…

Beautiful female model posing in rocky lakeside outcrop. Black and white.

I.) Inquiry

Contact me and ask any questions you need to! We will become more acquainted and make sure we are a good match before moving on to step two…

Ready to complete step one? Inquire Today!
Beautiful female model reaching out hand in lush ivy. Black and white.

II.) Booking & Commisson

This is when you hire me as your story telling photographer, paying a deposit (that is nonrefundable but credited to the total session fee) to reserve your session date!

Cute boy doing a super hero pose by the lake. Black and white.

III.) Consultation

Whether we meet at a coffee shop or have ourselves a virtual meeting, you choose!
This is when you tell me all about your story, when contracts are signed, and when we plan your dream session: the overall aesthetic, location, timing, and outfits.

Dramatic female model poses for makeup look.

IV.) portrait session

Finally the dreams become reality, we create art, and your story becomes more and more indelible. The remainder of the session is paid for. Your session will be exclusive to you; as adventurous and daring as you wish.

Senior male poses in park with water raining down. Black and white.


The creativity does not cease when I put the camera down. I professionally process all the photos post portrait session. Rather than ‘photoshopping’, I push and pull the light, curate cinematic colors, and embellish you as the main character.
You will receive updates about the timeline of your gallery delivery day.

Rodeo queen walking in arena with big sky. Black and white.


Finally, the portraits are delivered to you through an intuitive software.
If you would like we can meet virtually so that you can give me your satisfaction and feedback about the art we created.

Male Model poses for business headshot by brick wall. Black and white.


For added services, if you so choose, I will personally design and produce your choices from an array of tangible artwork; whether it be prints, stationary, personalized items, or your very own fairytale storybook.