Romeo and Juliet balcony scene recreated at a castle like cathedral.
Once upon a time…



There was a little girl, a daughter of the King, that was created to love creation as much as her Creator. And though, she could not find herself creating things as beautiful nor functional as He did, she did adore His handiwork. One of her favorite things to do was to receive disposable film cameras from her loved ones, promptly filling it with the things she found most precious in Creation: her favorite people, animals, and nature scenes…

Romeo and Juliet balcony scene recreated at a castle like cathedral.

In more latter years, that little girl has grown up but has never grown old and she has only fallen in love with fairytales more. In fact, she realized how much greater her realm was than the world of storybook creatures when it came to things such as phantastes, magic, and romance, or rather, true love… and it all lies in the hands of her Creator & King.




It was only recently, however, that she received her heroine call to action…

That, Through Art, She Is To Remind The Lost World Of Its Beauty, And More Importantly, Where That Beauty Comes From… Being Made In The Image Of GOD And Being Found So Precious That Jesus Christ, The King Of Kings, Was Crucified For It… For You.
Royal couple pose on wedding day in romantic, quaint chapel.
Or, continue learning about the little girl who is all grown up.

Her name is Paige~Alexis Woelfle Bossé

Salutations friend!
I am jovial to know that you want to learn a little more about the artist behind the artwork of Paige~Turner Portraiture.

Beautiful statue of Jesus Christ in glowing fire light.
My Testimony

It was the summer before I began secondary schooling. I realized I was in need of something greater than myself while we sang hymns during the Sunday service. And it was under a doorway that I indeed believed in Jesus Christ, repented, and was born again. Later that summer, I was baptized, making a public profession of my faith.

This was the beginning although it was not until I began attending a classical Christian academy that my relationship personally deepened with Christ as I saw the fruit of the Holy Spirit and God’s providential miracles & revelations.

And of course, another great awakening came when I reveled in my two God given ministries:

first, fulfilling the role of the Virtuous Woman (Proverbs 31) and second, my “Call to Action” written above.


Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

Believest thou this?

John 11:25-26


The Loves Of My Life
Male model posing on outstretched lawn with a castle.
Jonathan Bossé
Stoic german shepherd dog smiling with younger out.
Lexington Cordelia

life as of late…

Couple posing under sweeping cathedral arches during golden hour.

I. Married June 2023

Jonathan & I became acquainted at a classical Christian academy through theater. We started courting in May 2019… and after four years of long distance relations while he was away studying chemical engineering at university… we finally had our fairytale wedding.

II. The Honeymoon

As our honeymoon began, our very own “Book of Job” era promptly commenced as well. Our honeymoon began with being marooned in D.C and ended with a mosquito borne disease I contracted while abroad; resulting in complete vision loss. This was a time where God worked miraculously as the scales fell off my eyes three days later, just as the Apostle Paul. And thus, my relationship with Jesus Christ was fortified.

III. The Married Life

Soon after returning from the honeymoon, Jonathan, Lexi, and I began the trek from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Green Bay, Wisconsin for Jonathan’s career; a move that took much prayer and consideration.


God has endlessly blessed us with a Church that gives us a more beautiful fellowship than we could have dreamed.

Female reading a book.
Female model posing in flowers and fabrics.
Female model gazing off with vintage straw hat.
Royal couple poses at their wedding under stained glass.

While Jonathan is away at work and while I work to reach a client base in Green Bay, I find myself living quite the slow and intentional life at home.

This has given me an experience like no other to develop a personal taste & style during the homemaking process.

I have a deep romance towards the Old World, highlighting the Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian eras… and of course anything that has to do with virtuous fairytales.

And thus I continue to live…

Happily Ever After…
Couple poses with dramatic lighting in fall field.