Beautiful pink rose shines out of black and green darkness.

Masterpieces of a modern day princess

Below you will find my most treasured portraits…

Family models with dog for the holidays with snowy riverbank.
Female, senior poses in the road with rustic red dress.
Female, senior poses in front of rocky outcrop.
Male model poses for business head shots with red brick.
Female senior models studiously with books in pine forest.
Male model poses in a snowy park with pine trees.
Female, senior happily poses at botanical gardens.
Female model dramatically poses with a bold make up look.
Male, senior poses on the stairwell of an industrial building.
Female model poses while snuggling a white, fluffy puppy.
Handsome young model poses at golden hour.
Cute and young boy model poses golden hour on rocky cliffs.
Male senior poses in a lush park with water raining down.
Female senior poses in a white dress in a rustic field with pine trees.
Cute baby boy poses in a fall field.
Couple poses in a dreamy, green forest.
Cute family poses in a winter wonderland.
Cute couple posing in apple orchard during the rainy fall.
Female senior poses in a dark, rustic scene.
Rodeo Queen poses in a mountain valley with her horse.
Male senior poses in lush, tall grass, and a pine forest.
Male senior poses in urban architecture with a bridge and river.
Senior girl poses in rustic, old barn.
Cute, old couple poses in a winter wonderland.
Male model poses on a snowy lake bank with a luxurious jacket.
Male senior poses in rocky outcrop.
Graduating male senior poses on campus grounds in cap and gown.
Cute mom and son with big smiles pose under a big sky.
Rodeo queen poses in rustic and industrial scene under big, blue sky.
Cinematic female model poses on a pebble beach.
Dreamy sunset and couple holding hands.
Purple dresses rodeo queen in arena holding her chaps.