Hand picking white magnolia flower with a dreamy feel.
Portrait Sessions

Dreamy rendition of creation of Adam hands during golden hour.

I must admit, I am drunkenly spellbound by romance, novelties, and abstracting the mundane from everyday life, or rather, steeping routine in glamor and plucking idiosyncrasies out of the ordinary. 

Now, the thing is you and I find ourselves in quite the fortunate situation seeing that I am infatuated with a climate of eccentricity and seeing that you have a magical moment at hand that ought to be captured. 

If that is your quest, then we are, in due respect, a match made in heaven.


Present Pricing System

I believe the Lord has brought something special to my heart. It is a conviction that famed entrepreneurs would scoff at, “You can never have a successful business that way.” Let me share a secret with you.

I am fearful of a failing photography business but I am more afraid of a successful one. Why? Because I am actually quite the introverted person. I like fellowshipping with familiar people but that’s not an adequate way of spreading Christ’s love nor fulfilling the Great Commission, is it? Besides, not much adventure comes from a life that lacks meeting strangers.

I do not know if this conviction is permanent or temporary, however I do know it is a present one.

For the time being I will push my prices to the wayside and I will only earn through client donations.
In other words, I’ll photograph your adventure -couple, family, newborn, etc.- and you’ll pay me whatever sum you believe my time was worth or that you can afford.

I was once on the client side of this sort of exchange and it was nerve racking. I didn’t want the vendor to think that I didn’t value their time but I was young, on a budget, & didn’t want to vastly overpay them. That vendor very helpfully told me their usual rate and I was able to use that as a reference. My typical package rates are listed below if you desire a reference as well!

Capturing a chapter:
Female model posing with white, fluffy puppy.
Cute couple posing during the dreamy fall in apple orchard.



*1 hour consultation

*2~3 hour session

*Minimum of 30 high quality digital images

*2 Outfits

*2 Locations

Model with makeup putting on lipstick.
Capturing Pages:
Male model with winter coat posing on cliff edge with snowy pine trees.



*1 hour consultation

*1-2 hour session

*Minimum of 20 high quality digital images

*2 Locations

Cute old couple posing in snowy pine forest.
Beautiful family with dog posing for holidays on snowy beach and river scene.
Capturing a page:
Female senior model poses on rustic fence in snowy forest.
Cute old couple smiling at each other.



*1 hour consultation

*1 hour session

*Minimum of 10 high quality digital images

Smiling toddler boy holding parents hands in field.